Design Principles Document

Jim Wilson

Visual Hierachy


FitBit Visual Heirachy Example

Visual Heirachy uses font size, image size, color, location, and other means to indicate importance of each element with the intent of emphasising the most important. This image place the person exercising as the largest image and uses the Rule of Thirds to do so. The person is framed with what looks to be a FitBit status indicator which places emphasis on the FitBit product.

Hick's Law

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video Hick's Law Example

In a nutshell, Hick's Law predicts that when more choices are presented that an exponential increase in decision time follows. The can result in form abandament or a bounce from the webpage. Sites like Prime Video use the principle to keep visitors on the page longer becasue their viewers are typicall looking for something to watch and do not know exactly what they want thus stay and search.

White Space and Clean Design


Quip Whhite Space example

White Space or Clean Design uses space to seperate elements and overcall accomplish a page that permits the visitor to understand the purpose or focus of the page. Properly designed white space invites the visitor to erelax and enjoy the experience provided by the page.